Measures of Maturity Series

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Practical help in parenting, counseling, and training encourages adults and children to live lives of excellence. 6 Topics. 5 DVDs

Session 1 - Three Categories of People ~ Click here to buy this individually

God classifies all people in one of three categories. Learn their characteristics and each of the ways in which they can be identified. Horses can also be categorized into three groups. It is imperative that we recognize their characteristics and learn how to wisely respond to the needs of each one. Approx. Running Time: 37 min.

Session 2 - The Holy Spirit ~ Click here to buy this individually

Using the Biblical analogy of intoxication, Dr. Lew defines six traits of every person who has a healthy, growing relationship with the Helper from Heaven. Spark is featured in this informative, but fun look at how a well-broke horse fully expresses the master’s will. Approx. Running Time: 24 min.

Session 3 - Givers And Takers ~ Click here to buy this individually 

One of the greatest deceptions of life is to believe there is a middle, or neutral ground between good and evil.Experiencing blessing and reward or painful consequences and sorrow is determined by which direction we are moving. In like manner, horses are either moving in the direction of self-preservation, taking, or growing in habits of giving and yielding. Just as man becomes embittered or forgiving, so also horses will become sour and resistant or more supple and responsive. Approx. Running Time: 65 min.

Session 4 - Abiding ~ Click here to buy this individually 

Confidence, security, and fulfillment are not mere gifts, but rather the result of a process. This process replaces fear with faith, defiance with a learner’s attitude and inconsistency with steadfastness. Understanding the necessity of discipline and pruning allows both man and horse to move on and grow up. Three horses are used to illustrate the stages of abiding in Christ. Approx. Running Time: 51 min.

Sessions 5 & 6 - The Power of Passion, Parts 1 & 2 ~ Click here to buy this individually 

Six Levels of Development - Until an undesirable habit is transformed into a new pattern of life, true victory is an illusion. This six-level process from Psalm 19 uses external perimeters, internal character goals and relation building principles to help the horse make desirable choices and consistent decisions, which then result in confident habits.

Seven Laws of Passion – Weak character and wasted lives are the results of rebellious and passive choices. Only when the horse allows the trainer to capture his full attention and desire, does his performance become great. Successful human growth can be defined by how well these seven laws are applied at each age level. Approx. Running Time of Both: 98 min.

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